Orthodontics (Braces)

Reasons for orthodontic treatment (braces) adults & children:

  • Breathing or swallowing problems. Mouth breathing can lead to snoring and sleep apnea.
  • Crossbite. One or more upper teeth bite inside the lower teeth (towards the tongue).
  • Crowding involving extra teeth or malpositioned teeth.
  • Deep Overbite. The lower front teeth bite into the upper tissue of the upper teeth.
  • Disfiguring of the face & mouth affecting the development of the jaw and position of the teeth.
  • Jaw & jaw joint pain
  • Missing or extra teeth due to tooth decay, injuries, or inherited problems.
  • Overjet (protruding upper teeth). Upper teeth that protrude beyond normal and are usually associated with a short lower jaw.
  • Self-image. An attractive smile can boost a person’s self-image and confidence.
  • Spacing between teeth. Teeth are missing or may be too small or too large.
  • Speech, chewing or biting problems
  • Underbite (lower jaw protrusion). Lower jaw is longer than the upper jaw.

Specific to children:

  • Finger or thumb sucking habits can cause protrusion of the upper incisor teeth, and mouth breathing.
  • Teeth erupting out of position can be guided to proper alignment.

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